Hosted VoIP

With Versature’s Hosted PBX, you receive a feature­-rich business phone system – and you pay
only for the services that you’re actually going to use. Our Standard Plan includes all the most common features as part of the basic subscription rate, and you can easily add more features as required at a flat fee per phone.

Upgrading to a new feature is almost instantaneous, requiring only a single call to Versature’s 611 line. We’re constantly working to develop new software features that are independent of your current hardware. If a new, hot feature hits the business phone market, you’ll never hear that your phone system simply can’t handle it.

Month To Month

All pricing reflects “Month to Month” (No Contract) pricing. We like to say that we earn our customer’s business each and every month.

Contract Terms

If you feel that Versature is an excellent long­term solution for your business and you are willing to commit to a 3 or 5 year contract, incentives such as discounts on your hardware purchases and monthly fees will be provided. Please contact us for your custom contract­based quote.


CHOOSE YOUR AREA CODE Choose your area code from an expanding list of cities. You can even choose an area code in which you are not physically located. Or, keep your existing area code and phone number by porting it to us (a one-time fee applies for the transfer).
EMPLOYEE EXTENSIONSWith a unique extension for every employee, you’ll present a professional image over the phone, and it will be easier for clients to communicate with your business.
VOICEMAILManage messages your way – through your phone, over the web or in your e-mail. View, sort and download voicemail messages as .wav files and receive notifications by e-mail, or on your Smartphone.
SOFTPHONE SUPPORTAnswer calls on your mac, PC or even your smartphone, making teleworking and call management as easy as a mouse click or a swipe of your finger. **Requires Softphone software**
UNIFIED MESSAGINGChannel all your e-mail, faxes and voicemail to a single inbox.
VERSATURE SCRIBE – VOICEMAIL TRANSCRIPTIONVoicemail messages are transcribed so you can “read” your voicemail, especially useful when you’re on the road and tight for time.
MOBILE/REMOTE WORKMake and take business calls from home or on the road whenever you need – either through a phone in your home office, a simultaneous ring group, or a portable softphone on your laptop.
HUNT GROUPBe ready for the busiest business day! Our basic services includes five incoming lines. With a Hosted PBX, the number of simultaneous calls you can make is limited only by your Internet provider’s bandwidth, so it’s easy to add more lines as necessary. Talk to us about your requirements!
DETAILED BILLING / CALL LOGSIt’s your business – so you’ve got a right to know where your phone costs are coming from. Download details on all incoming and outgoing calls, including local ones; you can also use your telephone display to access past call logs.
SONARThe new self-service portal for both managers and individual users of Versature Hosted PBX services puts you in control of your settings and enables you to easily manage your preferences at any time. Learn more.
PAGINGPage employees through a broadcast to all on-premise Polycom phones and Bria softphones.
VIDEO PHONE CALLSMake video-to-video calls at no extra cost, provided that both parties have one of our Polycom video-enabled phones.
VOICEMAIL TO E-MAIL Be notified immediately via email about a waiting voicemail message. No need to call into the system periodically when you’re travelling to see if anyone has left you a message.
SEVEN-DIGIT DIALINGKeep dialing simple, even in the biggest cities: so long as the number you are calling is in your area code, all you need to do is dial the last seven digits of the number
CALLER IDSee the name and number for each incoming call on your handset’s display before you answer.
CALL WAITING WITH IDNever miss that vital call while you’re already on the phone. Names and numbers for incoming calls are displayed on your handset, allowing you to flip to the new caller, putting the first caller on hold.
CALL FORWARDINGDon’t make your customers re-dial. Whether the call is for another person in your office, or you’d like to keep talking while you head out of the office, you can quickly forward your main line or extension to another telephone or cell phone.
THREE-WAY CALLINGNeed a second opinion or some sales backup now ? Instantly add a third line to any established call to create a three-way conference.
CALL HOLDPut calls on hold with a single phone button, during which you can place or accept another call.
CALL RETURNAutomatically redial the telephone number of your last incoming call.
DO NOT DISTURBLimit unwanted interruptions by directing calls straight to voicemail.
FIND MEMove from office to travel to home without worrying about missing a call – you can set your phones to ring in sequence until you pick on of them up.
CALL PARK/RETRIEVEThere’s nothing like a polite referral to leave a professional impression. Place a call on hold and have it retrieved by another phone in the system.
BLIND/ATTENDED CALL TRANSFERUse standard buttons to transfer calls between extensions – either by introducing the caller or transferring it directly.

Choose from any of these organization-wide features as you need them

SIMPLE AUTO-ATTENDANT$8.00/monthA digital receptionist represents your business when you’re not available; Versature’s Hosted PBX allows you to present your calling customers with an automated voice that answers their needs. Select a default auto-attendant and record your own introductory greeting.
ADVANCED AUTO-ATTENDANT$20.00/monthSimple Auto-attendant plus Dial-by-Name, French language support, and music-on-hold features.
RING GROUPS$15.50/monthYou can maximize the chances of reaching a person on the first call by configuring your system to ring several phones simultaneously, even if the phones are in different offices – or cities.
FAX-TO-EMAIL SERVICE$13.00/monthReceive your faxes as PDF attachments in your inbox.  PDF files can be emailed to one mailbox or multiple mailboxes.
TOLL-FREE FAX-TO-EMAILSERVICE$18.00/monthDistribute a toll-free fax number to customers and receive those faxes as PDF attachments in your inbox.  PDF files can be emailed to one mailbox or multiple mailboxes.
FAX-OVER-IP HTTPS (TWO-WAY FAXING)SERVICE$29.00/month + $194.99 one-time hardware feeThis service allows your existing fax machine to send and receive faxes securely over the internet, eliminating the need for an analog phone line.
ADDITIONAL VOICEMAILOR EMAIL BOXES$6.00/eachNeed an additional voicemail box for an employee who doesn’t have a phone?  You can add additional voicemail-only accounts for $6.00 each.
CALL RECORDING$10.00/ext.Make digital recordings of telephone calls to aid in training, provide quality control, ensure compliance, and more. Easily access and stream or download stored calls from your browser.

Desktop Phones

Desktop Phones

From powerful small business phones to premium enterprise business phones and
expansion modules, Polycom’s VVX line of feature­-rich VoIP desktop phones makes
crystal ­clear communication accessible to every business.

Cordless Phones

Enjoy freedom of movement with Panasonic’s family of cordless VoIP telephones.

Conference Phones

When it isn’t possible to meet face­to­face, maintain sound quality and ensure your meetings run with ease by using a Polycom conference phone.


Whether you work remotely or while you’re on the road, or simply want to do away with a traditional “hard phone”, the Bria Softphone makes VoIP communication easy. When you use Bria with your Versature Hosted PBX service, your clients can reach you no matter where you are.

Essential for lengthy phone conversations or for those who want to keep their hands free, Versature offers VoIP­compatible headsets to make your life easier.

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