Managed Networking

when security matters

Let us build your network

Every company from small to big requires a solid network in order to operate day to day. We’re experts at this. Networking is a broad term with a bunch of moving pieces like a car engine. All these moving parts need to work together to operate effectively so that you, the customer, can do your work.

We specialize in Wireless deployments, Structured Cabling, & Managing networks for our customers. We take great pride in providing some of the best equipment to ensure your network works like it was our own.

Managed Networks

Let us manage the network. We can do it remotely. Ever wonder why your internet is slow? or why one workstation isn’t online? Perhaps you’ve wondered who is using Facebook or Youtube all day? We can tell you and we can even disable their access to those sites.

Leased Equipment

Networking hardware can be expensive. It’s also the least visible on your ROI sheet. Let us hold that burden for you and pay an affordable monthly fee to lease the equipment all the while we will manage it all for you.


We work with our partner Cisco to ensure you get the right gear and correct deployment to ensure you have a solid Wireless infrastructure with all the latest and greatest technology. Our access points are top tier best in class.


Cisco Meraki Certified

We take our networking serious and ensure we have all the proper certifications that go along with this. We partnered with Meraki before Cisco purchased them a few years back. This solidified that we were on the right track with the correct Vendor.

Switches & Routers

A network without a router doesn’t exist. They are the wizard behind the curtain doing all the magic that a network requires to operate efficiently. Switches are the grunts of the network sending all the signals around the office to each workstation. We ensure we only use top tier gear that we know is up for the job.

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