System Monitoring

Keep Tabs on your computers health before they stop working

Managed Updates

Let us manage the corporate wide updates on computers.  Employees have better things to do during the day than worry about updating their computers.

Malware / Spyware Removal

Yup.  No need for anti-virus software slowing down your computer. We detect and remove known Malware / Spyware without bothering the end user.

Remote Support

When we can we support remotely.  This allows us to deal with issues quickly and efficiently without either of us waiting in traffic.

Advanced System Monitoring

With built-in detection of over 100 issues, we are empowered to take direct, preemptive, action to cure problems prior to any data loss or unplanned downtime. We are firmly committed to providing our clients with the best tools to support end users.

The team at At Your Server is made up of consultants with decades of troubleshooting and repair experience. We truly understand the importance of staying on top of issues and how valuable proactive support capability can be.

Server Software
More often than not, what defines a server is the software that runs on it. Watchman Monitoring checks on that software to make sure it’s operating correctly and will report critical information such as availability, utilization,license expirations, proper backup functionality, and more.
Backup Systems
It’s never a matter of “if” your hard drive will fail, but “when”. That’s why it’s so important that you not only backup but regularly check if that the backup is being completed successfully. Luckily, with Watchman Monitoring, we do all the checking so you don’t have to. We will alert you if we see the backups not being performed as expected.
Disk Drives
Running low on disk space can happen suddenly and when it does, it has real potential to corrupt a system and cause data loss. Watchman Monitoring can alert you well before that ever happens. We’ll also alert you to any disk input/output (I/O) errors (a precursor to a drive failure), boot disk selection changes, false mounts, and more.
Raid Systems
We’ll help you avoid costly downtime due to RAID failures from Apple and SoftRaid by warning you at the earliest signs of trouble. Combined with our world-class backup monitoring you can rest assured knowing your data is secure.
Slow network performance can be caused by things like poor cable quality, failing network hardware, or even your ISP having a bad day. We’ll help narrow down the cause by alerting you when there’s an excessive number of network errors. We can even let you know when a computer’s IP address changes.
System Performace
Keeping a computer running at it’s peak performance is easy with Watchman Monitoring. We’ll alert you to productivity-robbing issues such as failing laptop batteries, kernel panics, faulty RAM, unscheduled reboots, and even failed power-on self-tests (POST) which usually go unnoticed.
No single malware detection software can find all threats. Watchman Monitoring helps out by providing an additional layer of malware checking to your existing solution.
While we’re rummaging around inside the computer looking for problems, we also report back other helpful information such as machine name, last logged in user, serial number (including warranty status if GSX account enabled), RAM, model number, OS & firmware versions, processors, uptime, last check-in, and more.

Managed Software Updates

Maintenance is time consuming and mundane… but it’s important.  When done consistently it keeps small problems from turning into big problems.  It makes our troubleshooting time faster by ruling out common issues ahead of time.

This is the kind of maintenance that we consider dull and repetitive, So we automated it.  Install it and let us take care of the mundane – while you and your team work on what really matters: delivering your expertise and building projects that bring you revenue.

Software Updates. Managed.

Let us deal with software updates.  We test and trial all software updates including 3rd party ones before deploying to production.

Automatic disk verification and repair

Detects and repairs corruption in the volume structure of your disks.  Now instead of blinking question marks and other goofy “garbage in garbage out” errors, your users keep right on working.  Even better: you didn’t have to go out and interrupt their day and waste your valuable time to run a disk repair tool.

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